Sentence Examples

  • The red-backed field-mouse or "bank-vole" may be distinguished externally from the first species by its more or less rusty or rufouscoloured back, its larger ears and its comparatively longer tail, which attains to about half the length of the head and body.
  • Among the rodents the hamster and the field-mouse are a scourge to agriculture.
  • Sylvaticus, the wood or long-tailed field-mouse, is a species common in many parts of England, often taking to barns and out-houses for shelter during the winter.
  • The first of these is the common shoa 1 tailed field-mouse, or "field-vole," Microtus agrestis, which belongs to the typical section of the type genus, and M S is about the size of a 343 mouse, with a short stumpy body, and a Upper and Lower Molars of the Water-Rat tail about one-third the (or Water-Vole), Microtus amphibius.