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  • Galena was originally a trading post, called by the French "La Pointe" and by the English "Fever River," the river having been named after le Fevre, a French trader who settled near its mouth.
  • From Norman French of Raoul le Fevre), Chapman's translation of Homer, and perhaps a play on the subject by Dekker and Chattle.
  • Jean]] LE [[Fevre (c. 1 3951 4 68), Burgundian chronicler and seigneur of Saint Remy, is also known as Toison d'or from his long connexion with the order of the Golden Fleece.
  • The Good, duke of Burgundy, Le Fevre was appointed its king of arms and he soon became a very influential person at the Burgundian court.
  • Le Fevre wrote a Chronique, or Histoire de Charles VI., roy de France.

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