Sentence Examples

  • A collection of his writings was published at Geneva in 1770 (Ouvres de feu M.
  • (Naundorff)1834-1838(2 vols., 1904); Plaidoirie de Jules Favre deviant la cour d'appel de Paris pour les heritiers de feu CharlesGuillaunae Naundorff (1874); H.
  • His works include: Discours sur la roupture de la Trefve en l'an 1 55 6 (Paris, 1556), and "Sommaire de l'ambassade en Allemagne de feu M r.
  • From him also the reigning sovereign is lineally descended, and he is the liege lord of whom all the chiefs or nobles hold their lands in feu, for services which they or their ancestors had performed, or in virtue of their relationship to the family.
  • She wrote Institutions dehysique (1740), Dissertation sur la nature et la propagation du feu (1 744), Doutes sur les religions reculees (1792), and in 1756 published a translation of Newton's Principia.