Sentence Examples

  • A curious find was a grave containing burials of eighteen men fettered with iron collars and shackles.
  • But his operations were at first greatly fettered by want of capital, until Jedediah Strutt, having satisfied himself of the value of the machines, entered with his partner, Samuel Need, into partnership with him, and enabled him in 1771 to build a second factory, on a much larger scale, at Cromford in Derbyshire, the machinery of which was turned by a water-wheel.
  • French companies rested more than did their rivals on false principles; they were more fettered by the royal power, and had less initiative of their own, and therefore had less chance of surviving.
  • Whilst Russia, Austria, Prussia and France were becoming powerful monarchies with centralized administration, Poland had remained a weak feudal republic with an elected king chosen under foreign influence and fettered by constitutional restrictions.
  • "Those in the Hansa," protested Breslau, "are fettered and must decline and those outside the Hansa are free and prosper."