Sentence Examples

  • In aqueous solution it gives a red colour with ferric chloride.
  • The aqueous solution is turned bluish black by ferrous sulphate containing a ferric salt.
  • It is obtained by the oxidation of orthophenylene diamine with ferric chloride; when a mixture of para-aminodimethylaniline and meta-toluylenediamine is oxidized in the cold, toluylene blue, an indamine, being formed as an intermediate product and passing into the red when boiled; and also by the oxidation of dimethylparaphenylene diamine with metatoluylene diamine.
  • PHARMACOSIDERITE, a mineral species consisting of hydrated basic ferric arsenate, 2FeAs04 Fe(OH)3.5H20.
  • With ferric chloride it gives a violet coloration, and with bromine water a white precipitate of tribromphenol.