Sentence Examples

  • I am the first academic to gain a PhD by public output featuring video capture and speaking the Doric dialect of NE Scotland.
  • For example, a search of All My Children turns up videos of love scenes featuring Justin Bruening (Jamie Martin), workout sessions and other shirtless scenes with favorites like Collin Eggsfield, Alec Musser, Jacob Young, and others.
  • Books and Magazines: Bridal magazines, interior design magazines, and special event publications and books all have a wide range of pictures featuring not only weddings, but also similar parties and events that can inspire your reception.
  • In an open house setting, you don't need to worry about serving a plated meal, but do have a well-rounded menu, featuring both hot and cold selections such as shredded meat with buns or biscuits for sandwiches, salad items, and dessert.
  • Biphasic has a 21-day pill pack featuring two different amounts of hormone combinations throughout the three-week cycle, and triphasic has a 21-day pill pack with three different hormone dosage amounts throughout the three-week cycle.