Sentence Examples

  • You can expect to pay between $50 and $250 for a Featherweight in good condition.
  • Zero Restriction Featherweight Rain Pull-On pants with Gore-Tex: Although not breathable, these are a lightweight pant that, with a drawstring close, side zippers and ankle-hugger snap system, are designed to keep you completely dry.
  • Most collectors agree that the most popular versions for collecting are the Featherweight models, the Turtlebacks (one of the earliest models), the Blackside, the Singer 301 model, and the Midget and toy models.
  • It continued in production with only minor cosmetic changes for over 25 years, so if you are familiar with one featherweight, you should be able to recognize other machines in the same line.
  • A trick that designers utilize to create an illusion of featherweight airness for summer designs is using crinkles or puckered fabrics or metallics, foils, jacquards, and brocades.