Sentence Examples

  • Of the latter the "Albatross" obtained a specimen from a depth of 2232 fathoms (Faxon, 1895), of the former from 2221 fathoms, and of this S.
  • Birgus dispenses with a covering; Coenobita can make shift with half the shell of a coco-nut; Chlaenopagurus wraps itself up in a blanket of colonial polyps; Cancellus tanneri, Faxon, was found in a piece of dead coral rock; Xylopagurus rectus, A.
  • Smith, Faxon, WoodMason, Alcock, and others have made known the results of celebrated explorations.
  • The city has a fine system of parks, among them being Merrymount and Faxon, the latter named in honour of the family of Henry H.
  • Faxon, who in 1882 secured a negative vote by the town to the question whether "licenses be granted for the sale of intoxicating liquors"; subsequently there has been a similar vote each year.