Sentence Examples

  • Arms and the Man was produced at the Avenue Theatre (21st of April 1894) by Miss Florence Farr, who was experimenting on the lines of the Independent Theatre, and by Mr Richard Mansfield at the Herald Square Theatre, New York (the 17th of Sept.
  • WILLIAM FARR (1807-1883), English statistician, was born at Kenley, in Shropshire, on the 30th of November 1807.
  • Finally, calculation by statistics (William Farr, Karl Pearson, and others) has been brought into line with other scientific methods: the method is a difficult one, and one full of pitfalls for the unwary, yet when by co-operation of physician and mathematician its applications have been perfected its services will appear more and more indispensable.
  • Farr reckoned this to be, in the case of unskilled English emigrants, about 1 75.
  • Marriage and child-bearing, in the first place, are operative amongst a fraction of the population only - those of conceptive age; whereas to the Urn of Death, as Dr Farr expressed it, all ages are called upon to contribute in their differing degrees.