Sentence Examples

  • According to the "frequently asked questions (FAQ) section of the designer's website, the only two places to purchase Louis Vuitton merchandise is via their own stores or through their online customer service.
  • Sites like Suck My Lolly contain galleries of cute blog designs, an extensive FAQ, and the ability to contact either the designers, or the blog hosts themselves, with questions and requests for feedback.
  • This is a fun section for fans that explores the characters that are or have been on the show as well as John Black FAQ to help fans understand the tangled past of Drake Hogestyn's intriguing character.
  • If the answer to your question was not found in this Overlord FAQ, you can either pose the question through the comment form below or contact the video game developer and publisher directly.
  • Product descriptions should be detailed enough to include the country of origin, but if this is difficult to find, check the general pages like "About Us," "About Our Products," or the FAQ.