Sentence Examples

  • The above website offers another suggestion for the scent-phobic: just use an eyedropper to place a couple drops of fragrance oil in the pool of melted wax your candle makes as it burns.
  • If you're making a page that includes actual photos from the 1960s or 1970s, simply use the eyedropper tool in your image editing software to pick out authentic looking retro colors.
  • The way to use these products is to tilt the child's head to one side and fill the ear canal with the eardrops, using an eyedropper.
  • To feed the kittens, use an eyedropper to collect milk and slowly squeeze drops of it directly into the mouths of the kittens.
  • It starts with a base color, which can be set via eyedropper tool, RGB values, or hexadecimal code.

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