Sentence Examples

  • A score in the 4-6 range indicates that the neonate is having difficulty adapting to extrauterine life, which in some cases may be related to medications given to the mother during labor, prematurity, or a rapid delivery.
  • Tubal pregnancies occur slightly less than 20 times out of 1,000 pregnancies, which is a small percentage, but the effects of extrauterine pregnancy can be very dangerous, making prompt medical attention desirable.
  • Severe pain and bleeding are signs that an extrauterine pregnancy is progressing and growing, which can cause external and internal bleeding (which can sometimes lead to death of the mother).
  • Mild vaginal bleeding: While the bleeding is usually very mild in this stage of pregnancy, it can signal an extrauterine pregnancy.
  • If the early signs are not detected and the extrauterine pregnancy progresses, more severe symptoms present themselves.