Sentence Examples

  • Phil.; 1906), (a work on cognate subjects is promised by Exon); Sudhaus, Der Aufbau der plautinischen Cantica (1909).
  • The Inquisitio Eliensis, the "Exon Domesday" (so called from the preservation of the volume at Exeter), and the second volume of Domesday Book, also all contain the full details which the original returns supplied.
  • In 1783; in 1811 a volume of indexes was added, and in 1816 a supplementary volume, separately indexed, containing (I) the "Exon Domesday" (for the south-western counties), (2) the Inquisitio Eliensis, (3) the Liber Winton (surveys of Winchester early in the 12th century), and (4) the Boldon Book - a survey of the bishopric of Durham a century later than Domesday.