Sentence Examples

  • They had now to satisfy the imperial tax-farmers and excisemen, as well as their feudal lords.
  • Three kinds of cattle-tax, the tax for exemption from military service, levied on every newborn male, forced labour on the roads, forced loan of horses, a heavy excise on grapes and tobacco, and a variety of lesser taxes combined to burden the Christian serfs; but even more galling than the amount was the manner in which these dues were exacted - the extortionate assessments of tax-farmers and excisemen, the brutal licence of the soldiery who were quartered on recalcitrant villagers.
  • Thus the indirect taxes of customs and excise which the Federal government imposes are levied by Federal custom-house collectors and excisemen, and the judgments of Federal courts are carried out by United States marshals distributed over the country.
  • He took a vigorous share in the debates of a local Whig club, and in 1772, he wrote a pamphlet embodying the grievances of excisemen and supporting their demands for an increase of pay.

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