Sentence Examples

  • The Everard of the Lettres introduces us to a new and for the time a dominant influence on the life and writings.
  • As a specific for gout colchicum was early employed by the Arabs; and the preparation known as eau medicinale, much resorted to in the 18th century for the cure of gout, owes its therapeutic virtues to colchicum; but general attention was first directed by Sir Everard Home to the use of the drug in gout.
  • Either Everard held over or the president of the council was acting-governor from 1729-1731.
  • Several of the rescuers, notably Professor Henry Everard Peck of Oberlin College, were arrested and were imprisoned in Cleveland for several months.
  • Everard Mercurian, a Fleming, and a subject of Spain, succeeded Borgia in 1 573, being forced on the Society by the pope, in preference to Polanco, Ignatius's secretary and the vicar-general, who was rejected partly as a Spaniard and still more because he was a "New Christian" of Jewish origin and therefore objected to in Spain itself.