Sentence Examples

  • The term Eudaemonia has been taken in a large number of senses, with consequent variations in the meaning of Eudaemonism.
  • Aristotle, as usual, adopted "eudaemonia" as the term which in popular language most nearly represented his idea and made it the keyword of his ethical doctrine.
  • Among the ancients the Epicureans expressed all eudaemonia in terms of pleasure.
  • The fundametal difficulty which confronts those who would distinguish between pleasure and eudaemonia is that all pleasure is ultimately a mental phenomenon, whether it be roused by food, music, doing a moral action or committing a theft.
  • Aristotle further held that the good man in achieving virtue must experience pleasure (iiSov17), which is, therefore, not the same as, but the sequel to or concomitant of eudaemonia.

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