Sentence Examples

  • The process of etymological change, as given by Steinthal, was this.
  • Skeat (Etymological Dictionary), is as follows: " A coined word; made from French sus, Latin susum or sursum, above, in the same way as sovereign is made from Latin super; it corresponds to a Low Latin type suseranus."
  • In his dictionary, again, he recast the lexicological materials independently, and enriched lexicography itself, especially by his numerous etymological explanations.
  • Etymological strictness would require it to denote exclusively the narrow strip of coast-land once occupied by the Philistines, from whose name it is derived.
  • This aspirate, expressed by j, often has no etymological origin; for example, Jimdalo, a nickname applied to Andalusians, is simply the word Andaluz pronounced with the strong aspiration.