Sentence Examples

  • Another definition is someone who grew up in the ghetto, and when they became wealthy, used the money on frivolous things like cars, clothes, and jewelry instead of wealth-building items like real estate, stocks, and etcetera.
  • Weight related issues like diabetes, hypertension, etcetera are all fine though.
  • "Gauges," as understood at one time, included only those used in the measurement of barrels, casks, etcetera, and hence the term "gauger."
  • In October he was ordered by Charles to suspend the etcetera oath.
  • Laud's infatuated policy could go no further, and the etcetera oath, according to which whole classes of men were to be forced to swear perpetual allegiance to the "government of this church by archbishops, bishops, deans and archdeacons, &c.," was long remembered and derided.