Sentence Examples

  • The esquires, knights, lesser barons, even the remote descendants of peers, that is, the noblesse of other countries, in England remained gentlemen, but not noblemen - simple commoners, that is, without legal advantage over their fellowcommoners who had no jus imaginum to boast of.
  • The process of inauguration was commenced in the evening by the placing of the candidate under the care of two "esquires of honour grave and well seen in courtship and nurture and also in the feats of chivalry," who were to be " governors in all things relating to him."
  • He was then taken from the bath and put into a plain bed without hangings, in which he remained until his body was dry, when the two esquires put on him a white shirt and over that " a robe of russet with long sleeves having a hood thereto like unto that of an hermit."
  • Then the " two ancient and grave knights " returned and led him to the chapel, the esquires going before them " sporting and dancing " with " the minstrels making melody."
  • And when they had been served with wines and spices they went away leaving only the candidate, the esquires, " the priest, the chandler and the watch," who kept the vigil of arms until sunrise, the candidate passing the night " bestowing himself in orisons and prayers."

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