Sentence Examples

  • Equisetum arvense.
  • At 175° C. it is resolved into water and aconitic acid, C 6 H 6 0 6, a substance found in Equisetum fluviatile, monkshood and other plants.
  • In the more damp and marshy places the bottom is covered with marsh trefoil, carex, smooth equisetum, and rush.
  • The Ulvaceae, the thallus of which consists of external form as an expanded Coprinus, Neomeris simulates the laminae, one or more cells thick, or hollow tubes, probably represent fertile shoot of Equisetum with its densely packed whorled branches, a still more advanced stage in the passage of a colony into a multiand in Microdictyon, Anadyomene, Struvea and Boodlea the branches, cellular plant.
  • The stamens of Araucaria and Agathis are peculiar in bearing several long and narrow free pollen-sacs; these may be compared with the sporangiophores of the horsetails (Equisetum); in Taxus (yew) the filament is attached to the centre of a large circular distal expansion, which bears several pollen-sacs on its under surface.