Sentence Examples

  • Some herbs can have serious side effects and should be avoided all together, such as ephedra and fen-phen products, which can significantly increase blood pressure, heart rate, and overall stimulation of central nervous system.
  • Despite the media outcry, newer studies have shown ephedra to be safe for healthy people in moderation, and as long as recommended dosages are followed, ephedra can be a great weight loss tool.
  • Good pasture grounds are only found near the streams. The soil is dry gravel and clay, upon which bushes of Ephedra, Nitraria and Salsolaceae grow sparsely.
  • The three existing genera, usually spoken of as members of the Gnetales, differ from one another more than is consistent with their inclusion in a single family; we may therefore better express their diverse characters by regarding them as types of three separate families-0) Ephedroideae, genus Ephedra; (2) Welwitschioideae, genus Welwitschia; (3) Gnetoideae, genus Gnetum.
  • The genus Ephedra, with its prothallus and archegonia, which are similar to those of other Gymnosperms, may be safely regarded as the most primitive of the Gnetales.