Sentence Examples

  • In it were depicted with a marvellous fidelity, and thorough appreciation of form and colouring (despite a certain conventional 1 Ornithologia, from the Greek opvia-, crude form of dpvcs, a bird, and -aoyia, allied to X6yos, commonly Englished a discourse.
  • The cap or topi is not bound round the head, but is placed 1 This has been Englished by Anglo-Indians into " puggaree " or " pugree " and applied to a scarf of white cotton or silk wound round a hat or helmet as a protection against the sun.
  • 1 Many of these poems were Englished in prose by the translator of Mallet, by B.
  • Lactantius: Englished by Gilbert Burnet, D.D., to which he hath made a large preface concerning Persecution (Amst., 1687).