Sentence Examples

  • To function well, a reference model needs to be independent of any particular encoding syntax.
  • All Alert Dual Alarm Clock Radio: An attractive and sturdy black casement houses a precision clock, an AM/FM radio with weather alerts and Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) technology.
  • Developers utilized for the first time Dolby Interactive Content Encoding Technology, which allowed game developers to use true Dolby Digital sound during gameplay and rendered cut-scenes.
  • The Xbox also has a very fast custom 3-D processor for handling video display, an audio system that supports 256 channels and Dolby AC3 encoding and a built-in 8 gig hard drive.
  • A modem is a device that modulates a carrier signal, encoding and decoding digital data so you can read and use the data on your computer or in your data network.