Sentence Examples

  • Hering (Halle, 1888); Emil Gorigk, Bugenhagen and die Protestantisierung Pommerns (1895).
  • In 1881 he published a work on monasticism, Das M onchtum, seine Ideale and seine Geschichte (5th ed., 1900; English translation, 1901), and became joint-editor with Emil Schiirer of the Theologische Literaturzeitung.
  • In this field Bechamp, Cohnheim, Albrecht Kossel, and, especially, Emil Fischer and his pupils have been extremely active.
  • By further decomposition peptones yield peptides, a certain number of which have been synthesized by Emil Fischer and his collaborators.
  • Emil Abranyi adopts a rather romantic style, but his Nagypentek (Good Friday) is an excellent descriptive sketch.