Sentence Examples

  • It may be wholly absorbed by the progressive growth of the embryo within the embryo-sac, or it may persist as a definite and more or less conspicuous constituent of the seed.
  • Ultimately the apex of the tube comes in contact with the tip of the embryo-sac and perforates it.
  • Ek, Nucleus of embryo-sac. ei, Egg-apparatus.
  • A pro-embryo - a cellular row of which the cell nearest the micropyle becomes attached to the apex of the embryo-sac, and thus fixes the position of the developing embryo, while the terminal cell is projected into its cavity.
  • - Vertical section of the ovule of the Austrian Pine (Pinus austriaca), showing the nucellus a, consisting of delicate cellular tissue containing deep in its substance an embryo-sac b.