Sentence Examples

  • There are also special elucidations of some difficult Scripture texts.
  • Much light has been thrown on the history of the Quakers in Aberdeenshire by the discovery in 1826 at Ury of a MS. Diary -of Jaffray, since published with elucidations (2nd ed., London, 1836).
  • Genealogy, which often called for elucidations, led on to history.
  • His principal works are his edition of the Sachsenspiegel (in 3 vols., 1827, 3rd ed., 1861, containing also some other important sources of Saxon or Low German law), which is still unsurpassed in accuracy and sagacity of research, and his book on Die Hausand Hofmarken (1870), in which he has given a history of the use of trade-marks among all the Teutonic nations of Europe, and which is full of important elucidations of the history of law and also contains valuable contributions to the history of art and civilization.
  • For the most part they consisted of hints and elucidations concerning matters which in general terms were covered by the regulations quoted above.

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