Sentence Examples

  • Lambros, 'H OvoaaroXoyta 'ATTnK'?S cal ij ELS T1]v xthpav E7roteno(s 'AX/3avwv in the 'EirsrnAis Tot Hapvaa iot (Athens, 1896); Theodore Ippen, "Beitrage zur inneren Geschichte der Turkei im 19.
  • 6 a reads elvcAipec aurov ELs 'Wi) v aidnnov and 1 3 A 51 7rapaµvOciTac aurov w7.
  • YvcJ(r(EV)BE i Kai ELS i(rTi r77rTo[ (3) [Xi-yet 'Ir7 (6013)S a7roKvr 7 veL iivB[pw7ros.
  • Already before Warbecks arrival Poynings had arrested the earl of Kildare, Simn.els old supporter, cowed some of the Irish by military force, and bought over others by promises of subsidies and pensions.
  • The older traits show themselves partly in the manifestation of various Els, and partly in the cruder anthropomorphism of the earlier sources.