Sentence Examples

  • By their describers, the dwarf European elephants were regarded as distinct species, under the names of Elephas melitensis, E.
  • If, on the other hand, the dwarf Congo elephant be regarded as a species, then the Maltese and Cyprian elephants may have to be classed as races of Elephas pumilio; or, rather, E.
  • Genera: Elephas, Trichecus, Bradypus, Myrmecophaga, Manes, Dasypus.
  • Mamant; the Tatar word mama, earth, from which it is supposed to be derived, is not known to exist), a name given to an extinct elephant, Elephas primigenius of Blumenbach.
  • - Grinding surface of Upper Molar Tooth of the7Mammoth (Elephas primigenius).