Sentence Examples

  • Or by electrolysing the double chloride of yttrium and sodium.
  • Soc., 1891, p. 771) by electrolysing solutions of the alkaline bisulphates.
  • Plumbic acid, Pb0(OH) 21 is obtained as a bluish-black, lustrous body of electrolysing an alkaline solution of lead sodium tartrate.
  • Davy by electrolysing the moist hydroxide or chloride, and has been obtained by A.
  • By electrolysing an aqueous solution of the chloride with a mercury cathode, a liquid and a solid amalgam, SrHgn, are obtained; the latter on heating gives a mixture of Sr 2 Hg 5 and SrHg 5, and on distillation an amalgam passes over, and not the metal.

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