Sentence Examples

  • B, in ectoparasitic Trematodes (Heterocotylea).
  • The only organs that exhibit any sign of degeneration are those of sense, but in the ectoparasitic Trematodes simple eye-like structures are present and perhaps serve as organs of temperature.
  • In the ectoparasitic Trematodes this post-oral sucker is a complex disk placed near the hinder end and provided With suckerlets, hooks and a musculature arising from a special skeleton.
  • The excretory pore is terminal and posterior in endoparasitic forms: paired, anterior and dorsal in the ectoparasitic class.
  • If ectoparasitic and attached to the skin, apertures or gills, the Trematode adopts more elaborate adhesive organs and undergoes a less complex development than are required for the endoparasitic members of the class.