Sentence Examples

  • In the hydropolyp the ectodermal muscle-fibres are always directed longitudinally.
  • A large nematocyst, with everted thread, is seen in the right-hand ectodermal cell.
  • In contrast with the polyp, the longitudinal muscle-system is entirely ectodermal, there being no endodermal muscles in craspedote medusae.
  • Further, two distinct types of otocyst can be recognized in the Hydro medusae; that of the Leptolinae, in which the entire organ is ectodermal, concrement-cells and all, and the organ is not a tentaculocyst; and that of the Trachylinae, in which the organ is a tentaculocyst, and the concrement-cells are endodermal, derived from the endoderm of the modified tentacle, while the rest of the organ is ectodermal.
  • Covered with sensory ectodermal epithelium an d containing an After 0.