Sentence Examples

  • C, calcanium; a, astralagus; cb, cuhoid; n, navicular; c3, ectocuneiform; II.
  • Union of the navicular and cuboid, and sometimes the ectocuneiform bone, of the tarsus.
  • Navicular, cuboid and ectocuneiform bones of tarsus united.
  • - Skull and metacarpals generally as in Mazama; size very small; hair coarse and brittle; antlers in the form of short, simple spikes; cannon-bones very short; tail very short or wanting; no whorls in the hair of the face; face-gland moderately large, and gland-pit deep and oval; tarsal and metatarsal glands wanting; ectocuneiform bone of tarsus united with the naviculocuboid.

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