Sentence Examples

  • For example, the eCommerce team that works on the Website for Sears and its subsidiaries uses a range of innovative technologies to make Sears' online presence known more widely and to make their Website more easily accessible.
  • The company creates WordPress blogs, message boards, ecommerce solutions, photo galleries, product demos using Flash, complex interactive calendars, user registration portals, product catalogs, banners, and Flash websites.
  • According to a study by CyberSource Corp., eCommerce sites that offer at least four payment methods convert website visitors to customers 12 percent more than websites that only offer one payment method.
  • The following tips will help you to turn a simple eCommerce website, which attracts very few visitors, into one that flows with daily visitors who are looking to purchase what you sell.
  • Global eCommerce extends even to the tools people use to promote their businesses online, but opting for local SEO packages benefits you and the community in which you live.

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