Sentence Examples

  • There are many sorts grown, and a selection should include Phosphore, Don Calmet, Distinction, Eclat, Victoire, La Neige, Feu Follet, Pluie dOr, Ver Luisant, Ne Plus Ultra, Eldorado, and Heroine.
  • C'est par elle que notre philosophie, nos lettres et nos arts ont brine d'un si vif eclat; c'est par elle que notre influence morale s'est exercee en souveraine dans le monde.
  • Perceiving That The Measure Was Likely To Confer A Great Eclat On His Pontificate, Undertook The Long Desired Reformation; And Having Found The Governments Of The Principal Catholic States Ready To Adopt His Views, He Issued A Brief In The Month Of March 1582, In Which He Abolished The Use Of The Ancient Calendar, And Substituted That Which Has Since Been Received In Almost All Christian Countries Under The Name Of The Gregorian Calendar Or New Style.

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