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  • The statement, made by Echard alone (Hist.
  • This has been clearly shown to be the production of a later hand, and is ascribed by Echard to the period between 1310 and 1325.
  • ' Apparently confirmed by the few enigmatical lines preserved by Echard from his epitaph "Pertulit iste necem post annos mille ducentos, Sexaginta decem sex habe, sex mihi retentos."
  • The Liber de Institutione Principum, a treatise on the duties of kings and their functionaries, has never yet been printed, and the only MS. copy the writer of this article has been able to consult does not contain in its prologue all the information which Echard seems to imply is to be found there.
  • A story, mentioned by the chronicler Echard as unworthy of credit, makes Boniface VIII., on the first day of Lent, cast the ashes in the archbishop's eyes instead of on his head, with the words, "Remember that thou art a Ghibelline, and with thy fellow Ghibellines wilt return to naught."

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