Sentence Examples

  • See Statuta Ecclesiae Scoticanae (Bannatyne Club, Edinburgh, 1866).
  • By far the best known of these is the treatise De catholicae ecclesiae unitate, called forth in A.D.
  • - The most important authority for the history of Ravenna is Bishop Agnellus, who wrote, about 840, the Liber Pontificalis Ecclesiae Ravennatis.
  • The reading in public of his two treatises De Potestate ecclesiastica and De Reformatione Ecclesiae revealed, besides ideas very peculiar to himself on the reform and constitution of the church, his design of reducing the power of the English in the council by denying them the right of.
  • The particulars of Arbuthnot's life are found in Calderwood, Spottiswood, and other Church historians, and in Scott's Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae.