Sentence Examples

  • PN', concentric chamber of EC, Edge of colony prolonged bethe pneumatophore, showing yond the pneumatophore.
  • Per lb; then the mechanical energy available in footpounds per hour is approximately 0-06 X 778 X Ec, and this expressed in horse-power units gives I.H.P. - o 06X778XEc _648.1,980,000.
  • Ec, Ectoderm.
  • Let a covariant of degree e in the variables, and of degree 8 in the coefficients (the weight of the leading coefficient being w and n8-2w = �), be Coxl -}- ec l l 1 x 2 -{-...
  • (6) The least admissible value of p is that which makes the roots equal of this quadratic in µ, and then ICI s ec 0,, u= z - p (7) the roots would be imaginary for a value of p smaller than given by Cip 2 - 4(c 2 -c i)c2C 2 u 2 =o, (8) p2 = 4(c 2 -c l)cl C2.