Sentence Examples

  • Distinct vestiges of the maxillulae exist also in the earwigs and booklice, according to G.
  • 13, od) leads, and in some of the more primitive insects (bristle-tails, earwigs, may-flies) the two oviducts open separately direct to the exterior.
  • Palmen (1884) on these ducts have shown that in may-flies and in female earwigs the paired mesodermal ducts open directly to the exterior, while in male earwigs there is a single mesodermal duct, due either to the coalescence of the two or to the suppression of one.
  • 20) and earwigs, for example - when young closely resemble their parents, except for the absence of wings.
  • The earwigs, cockroaches and locusts, which Linnaeus included among the Coleoptera, were early grouped into a distinct order, the Orthoptera.