Sentence Examples

  • The small magnet may be a sphere rigidly magnetized in the direction of Ho; if this is replaced by an isotropic sphere inductively magnetized by the field, then, for a displacement so small that the magnetization of the sphere may be regarded as unchanged, we shall have dW = - vIdHo = v I+-, whence W = - 2 I + H2 ° (37) The mechanical force acting on the sphere in the direction of displacement x is 1 Hopkinson specified the retentiveness by the numerical value of the " residual induction " (=47rI).
  • DW F - d -v 1+ a 7rK dx dH (38) (34) [[[Magnetic Measurements]] If Ho is constant, the force will be zero; if Ho is variable, the sphere will tend to move in the direction in which Ho varies most rapidly.
  • Dp dpu dpv dpw -z)' reducing to the first line, the second line vanishing in consequence of the equation of continuity; and so the equation of motion may be written in the more usual form du du du du d dt +udx+vdy +wdz =X -n dx' with the two others dv dv dv dv i dp dt +u dx +v dy +w dz - Y -P d y' dw dw dw Z w dw i d p dt +u dx +v dy +wd - -P dz.
  • 2wr { a 0, dt2WE+2UC+ dz = o, dw dt - 2un+2v+ dH = 0, where H = fdp/p +V +1q 2, (7) 2 2 +v 2 2 (8) and the three terms in H may be called the pressure head, potential head, and head of velocity, when the gravitation unit is employed and Zq 2 is replaced by 1q 2 1 g.
  • Eliminating H between (5) and (6) DS du dv dw (du dv d1zv dt u dx n dx udx' 5 -, dzi =°' and combining this with the equation of continuity Dp du dv dw p iit dx+dy+ dz = °' (10) D i du n dv dw_ dt (p p dx p dx p dx - o, with two similar equations.