Sentence Examples

  • The advantage to this is that you can find nearly everything you missed, if you forgot to set the DVR or VCR, or are in a circumstance where it's easier to watch TV on your computer rather than your television set.
  • While early serials were really aiming at the stay-at-home wife and mother, the modern inventions of TiVo, DVR, VCR, Internet and SOAPnet, let fans catch up with their favorite daytime dramas anytime.
  • Beginning in the late 90s and growing in 21st century popularity, the DVR and TiVo services allow viewers to program their satellite or cable boxes to directly record the shows they want to see.
  • Yes, but scoops like these keep all the fans tuning in - or at least setting your DVR to record episodes that are anticipated to be especially juicy and eventful.
  • The Apple TV redefines the term DVR as it combines digital recording with pay-per-view movies when you download movies and television shows to stream back later.