Sentence Examples

  • Meanwhile the political parties which were to divide the new Duma had taken shape.
  • The duma, or council, still attended to all the details of the administration; the old boyars still retained their ancient offices and dignities.
  • It is noteworthy that even the third Duma in its address to the throne, if it avoided the tabooed word " Constitution," avoided also all mention of autocracy.
  • By the manifesto of the 17/30th of October 1905 the emperor voluntarily limited his legislative power by decreeing that no measure was to become law without the consent of the Imperial Duma, a freely elected national assembly.
  • By the law of the 20th of February 1906 the Council of the Empire was associated with the Duma as a legislative Upper House; and from this time the legislative power has been exercised normally by the emperor only in concert with the two chambers.