Sentence Examples

  • For example, if your friend is getting married and you know they'll be getting DSL service from a specific company, you could find out about prepaying their first two months of service as your wedding gift to them.
  • While Business DSL has been touted as an efficient business solution, these are some severe limitations in service and speeds delivered depending upon your provider's central office location in relation to yours.
  • There is a point with increasing distance when no signal can reach you, promised speed drops to an unusable range, or your DSL modem fails because it cannot capture the signal speed it was designed for.
  • Once advantage DSL offers is simultaneous use of your phone for outgoing and incoming calls while you continue to surf the net, a big advantage to the SOHO user who may be operating an online business.
  • Several companies offer package deals for DSL account conversions for as little as $15 a month or so for a specified time period on an extended six or 12-month contract/agreement.