Sentence Examples

  • Lead monoxide is dimorphous, occurring as cubical dodecahedra and as rhombic octahedra.
  • It crystallizes in the cubic system, usually in cubes, pentagonal dodecahedra or octahedra, often of great beauty and perfection.
  • The felspathoid minerals, sodalite, haiiyne and nosean, which crystallize in isometric dodecahedra, are very frequent components of the phonolites; their crystals are often corroded or partly dissolved and their outlines may then be very irregular.
  • Many other dodecahedra exist as crystal forms, for which see Crystallography.
  • The fracture is distinctly crystalline; large crystals, either regular dodecahedra or octahedra, may be obtained by crystallization from carbon bisulphide, sulphur chloride, &c., or by sublimation.