Sentence Examples

  • If you do want to wear jeans with your Docs, choose a loose, baggy style rather than the skinny jeans that have been so popular this season; they'll make you look like you have oversized feet!
  • This particular manual discusses how to research your area on the Internet, how to create many different kinds of guides and how to create technical docs for both presentations and online.
  • You need to have a Google Account, which entitles you to a free Gmail account, 10 GB of storage, and other services such as iGoogle, Google Docs, and Google Talk.
  • The application includes the means to use Gmail, Google Sync, Google Maps, as well as linking up to Picasa, Google Docs, Google Reader and Web Search.
  • Computer-based worksheets work well if you already have a software program such as Excel, or even Google Docs that are compatible with the worksheet.