Sentence Examples

  • Gladys had taken over as docent of the domain.
  • In 1859 he became privat-docent in physics and chemistry at Breslau, where in the preceding year he had graduated as Ph.
  • In 1857 he became docent in German law at Munich university, and in 1862 professor-extraordinary, but in 1863 was called to Wiirzburg to a full professorship. In 1872 he removed to the university of Konigsberg, and in 1888 settled at Breslau, becoming rector of the university in 1895.
  • He studied at Upsala from 1876 to 1881 and at Stockholm from 1881 to 1884, then returning to Upsala as privat-docent in physical chemistry.
  • In 1872 he became docent, and in 1882 professor of political economy at Upsala, of which university he was afterwards rector.