Sentence Examples

  • It makes for an easy weekend do-it-yourself project, the tiles can be very inexpensive if you wait for sales or buy through local or online overstock outlets, and once installed, change-outs to replace soiled tiles are almost effortless.
  • You can try the do-it-yourself methods, but be advised that they may not work for everyone and you should only try them when you can no longer tolerate the scratches and you're prepared to purchase a new set of lenses if necessary.
  • On the upside, do-it-yourself kits are typically more affordable than office treatments, although in the long run they may prove less cost-effective as the product is purchased routinely and the results are not as quick to appear.
  • Wall mounting armoires is generally a very simple task and anyone with a few basic do-it-yourself (DIY) skills ought to be able to complete a project such as mounting a 5 feet wall mount jewelry armoire without any problems.
  • Nail art pens can be used on natural or artificial nails, so if you prefer keeping your natural nails and love do-it-yourself manicures, there's no reason you can't dress them up any way you like with these unique tools.