Sentence Examples

  • This side of his preparation was finished by a close study of Scripture, the results of which are contained in his commentaries, In omnes Epistolas Divi Apostoli Expositio, his Super Isaiam et Jeremiam, and his In Psalmos.
  • - We have al 17 ready seen that in numerous lower insects the abdomen 18 is formed from twelve divi 19 sions placed in linear fashion.
  • On the walls of the temple is engraved the famous Monumentum Ancyranum, a long inscription in Latin and Greek describing the Res gestae divi Augusti; the Latin portion being inscribed on the inner left-hand wall of the pronaos, the Greek on the outside wall of the naos (cella).
  • Ancyr., Mommsen, Res gestae divi Augusti (1883); and Inscr.
  • The principal exports were coffee, cacau, divi-divi, rubber, hides and skins, cattle and asphalt.