Sentence Examples

  • - Under the Naturalization Act of 1870, the last of the civil disqualifications affecting aliens in England was removed.
  • The political disqualifications which remained only applied to electoral rights.
  • He recognized from the first two important disqualifications - his indifference to music and his slight knowledge of architecture.
  • Conviction for bribery, perjury or other infamous crime, or failure (in the case of a collector or holder of public moneys) to account for and pay over all moneys due from him are disqualifications; and before entering upon the duties of his office each member of the legislature must take a prescribed oath that he has neither given nor promised anything to influence voters at the election, and that he will not accept, directly or indirectly, "money or other valuable thing from any corporation, company or person" for his vote or influence upon proposed legislation.
  • The only qualifications for senators and delegates are those required of an elector and residence in their districts; there are, however, a few disqualifications, such as holding certain offices in the state or a salaried Federal office.