Sentence Examples

  • The expression of a fixed dependence between different quantities, or, in another form, the disentanglement of constancy in the midst of variety - has decisively arisen.'
  • The Montana (hill country) of Burgos, and in particular the district called the Alfoz of Lara, was the cradle of the heroes of the Castilian share in the reconquestthe count Porcellos, and the judge of the people, Lain Calvo, the infantes of Lara, the bastard Mudarra, and Ruy Diaz 0I Bivar, in whose lives legend and history are mingled beyond disentanglement, and of whom some are pure figures of romance.
  • 40-42, where the second meeting with a renewal of the covenant stultifies the preceding plans.3 David.-All the stories of the relations between the founders of the respective monarchies are so closely interwoven that the disentanglement of distinct series of narratives is a .

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