Sentence Examples

  • Fret Play: With more chord arrangements than tabs, Fret Play offers fewer selections than some of the other sites, but it provides resources for how to read tabs and has ELO discography and album reviews sections.
  • With a discography of seven incredible albums and over a decade of different musical sounds to their credit, you might not know what the next Skillet MP3 will sound like -- but it's going to be good.
  • - has a full service Red Hot Chili Peppers section, including the full discography for download, lyrics, photos, videos and a message board for fans to swap tips.
  • If you'd like to learn additional Blue Oyster Cult tabs from the band's large discography, the websites listed here provide a good variety of options for guitar players.
  • Fall Out Boy MP3 downloads are all over the internet and make staying on top of the Fall Out Boy discography as easy as point and click.